Debts of your Fate

We make our world significant by the courage of our questions and the depth of our answer. Then make my world significant again by answering all my why’s after you said goodbye. But my questions are questions left unanswered because I can’t even see you eye to eye.

Relationships are complicated because people are complicated. We tend to want more. We tend to love more without realizing those more can be more and more agonies to endure. I became eccentric after you bid good bye. It was harsh because all along I thought we were fine. I thought you were fine. I seem to have reached my lowest ebb. Of all failures, you were the greatest because those recent emotional detachment have made me idle. Made me useless.I can even barely use my head of thinking how and why can’t I ?Why can’t I just do other things I know I’m capable of doing ? Because every time I do things that makes me happy , the next thing that comes to my mind was the thought of you, because once you were my source of life .

Love is a risk everyone is afraid of betting. It’s a game everyone enjoys at the start because the excitement and thrills never dies. But when your luck runs out , it’s time to pursed your lips and spit on your own face like you’ve lost a lot and you could never ever recover from the debts of your fate.

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