Harvard scientists suggest that Oumuamua was an alien spacecraft

In October 19, 2017, the Panoramic Inspection Telescope and the Rapid Response System-1 (Pan-STARRS-1) in Hawaii announced the first detection of an interstellar asteroid, called 1I / 2017 U1 Oumuamua.

In the months that followed, multiple follow-up observations were made that allowed astronomers to have a better idea of ​​their size and shape, while also revealing that they had the characteristics of a comet and an asteroid. Interestingly, there have also been some speculations that, according to its shape, Oumuamua could be an interstellar spacecraft ( Breakthrough Listen even monitored it for signals from radio signals).

A new study by a pair of astronomers at the Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics at Harvard has taken it a step further, suggesting that Oumuamua may actually be a ‘light sail’ of extraterrestrial origin.

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