Typical Super car Person

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As you may know, car community has different kind of enthusiasts; each one is a bit different from others. Today we will try to describe the owner of the expensive supercar. And we are talking not about rich kids, who own some beautiful Ferrari because of dad’s wallet, but about people who actually earned this type of car.

Usually you can see a man of mature age about 40–55, coming out of his supercar in a parking lot near a good organic grocery store. Very often, instead of a wife about the same age, a young girl (#Golddigger) comes out of the car with him. This guy is dressed very discreetly, light-colored pants and a shirt or sweater, something like that. Do not forget about the cute cap on his bald head.

Such guys are mostly calm, without hurrying. If you want to find such people in wildlife, then you can easily spot them at supercar and coffee car meets. When and where? Right, mostly in the morning at about 9–11 AM at some parking lot of a fine restaurant or a gallery.

You would ask, what these people can do at such car meets, discuss a new turbo kit for the Porsche 911? Almost. Possibly, owners of classical supercars, like Lamborghini 350 GT, Ferrari Dino 246 GT, Ferrari Testarossa, etc. talk about what part of their car they recently refurbished or replaced, and also share the contacts of those dealers who helped them find these parts with other owners of world classics.

Owners of the modern supercars can share with you a store where they found their car excellent wheels “that complement the body design and fit the color of the car”. With a little interest, you can find out the address of the best car wash where the staff carefully, and most importantly, gently wash your car and tell you a bunch of compliments about its external condition. And of course it will be an expensive car wash place, but who cares, right?

Driving style and pushing to the limits: how many of these car enthusiasts do you thing really raced their new Porsches or McLarens, 10–15%? Maybe, but for this type of people it’s not more necessary part of their life. These automotive masterpieces are purchased to stay in garage and see a sunshine sometimes when their owner take them for a Sunday ride to the beach or another one supercar car meet.

However, there are some car weekends which are arranged by such people for same auditory. Many of such events are in Europe (Italy, France), and a lot of old classic supercar owners come up to show other enthusiasts they still have some decent power to push. The atmosphere of such weekends is fascinating and colorful.

But there is no doubt, that those grandpas have already proved everybody else and first of all to themselves, that they are…capable to keep up and make some good money out of their shares on stock exchange. So, what they do is unhurriedly cruise around the city, drink a coffee at the tea houses, never go to a racetrack as their motor skills and reaction are not that good as in the old days. Moreover, you will never see an old guy revving his engine on a car meet, they just don’t do it. Of course, you can ask them 5 times to do it and they will probably agree, just because you are bothering them.

These are the main facts about typical supercar owners, who are a nice part of big world automotive community. If we forgot to mention something, let us know in comments!

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