‘Exagon’: Myrillion’s New Partner

Exagon joins Muup and Bancor to the list of partnerships into Myrillion’s ecosystem.

“Exagon is a token exchange designed for both professional traders and retail investors.”

Founded by investment bankers and crypto traders, Exagon is helping users to purchase within Myrillion’s platforms (MYLPay and MYLPay Pro). Based on an intuitive platform, Exagon allows its users to trade their currencies for other assets, allowing individuals and institutions to trade in a wide variety of cryptocurrencies and blockchain assets.

Thanks to their international payments networks, Exagon will help Myrillion’s users to trade their fiat (EUR and USD) or other types of currencies to MYL (Myrillion’s digital currency).

Due to their comprehensive Anti-Money Laundering (AML), know-your-customer (KYC) due diligence and transaction monitoring procedures on par with those used by renowned financial institutions, the Hungarian based project stores asset deposits in offline multi-signature hardware wallets (cold storage) and monitoring 24/7 all exchanges to detect suspicious activity.

Exagon will give to Myrillion’s users the security and transparency in transactions, protection, and security for the user crypto assets with Exagon’s custodian services, and the possibility to trade large amounts of money at a compatible and reasonable price.

Myrillion is a decentralized entertainment-based ecosystem aiming to build a reliable, transparent, secure and new network among entertainment professionals and enthusiasts. Through the creation of a digital currency, MYL, to simplify and facilitate transactions and purchases among the system, Myrillion’s initial coin offering (ICO) proposes to solve entertainment’s critical issues. Currently on its private sales stage, until 22nd October, Myrillion’s ICO will start its public milestone on the 10th of December 2018.

Created in 2015 by Yann Dib, Myrillion is making the honors with the Music industry by taking an action on contractual agreements, new interactive media platforms to engage entertainment users, trace and track intellectual properties, and build a reliable system, through smart-contracts and blockchain technology, to make sure all the interactions and settlements are correctly done and accurately recorded.

For professional and individual users, the fourfold project wants to make all the contractual processes, among professionals, automatic, reliable, and free of institutional third parties, to conclude or finalize the whole method. In this case, with the help of smart-contracts (allowing to execute agreements previously formalized between two entertainment parties forcing its implementation and execution), musicians and managers, or other music professional actors, can establish a contract with all demands that both parties aim. In this case, Myrillion smart-contracts are making sure all the contractual conditions are being respected and automatically re-distributed, (payments, for example).

Know more here: www.myrillion.io