Important Information For Musicians

Music, Cinema, and other art fields are dubious regarding its preconceptions. On the one hand, these areas are strongly glamorous, stripped out of bad judgments and an incredible “rock star” attitude towards its environment and audience. On the other side, these are critics domains concerning its stability, earnings, and longevity. We don’t know what’s harder if to take the first step into the industry, or to keep on it. What we know is that artists, regardless of their core, have a misconception of what the industry is, what it takes to succeed, and how to manage all the shots, and sometimes collateral damages, standing right in front of them. What we are trying to say is that being an artist and naive is the worst combination ever, (impossible even), to make art your livelihood.

On average, artists who are trying to start their careers in such volatile areas, are not aware of the dangers in the industry, such as scammy contractual agreements, and only “one side benefits relationships,” between the entertainment actors. Artist aspirants and enthusiasts are not exactly aware of how and when to develop a “play-safe” and smart flexibility movements to achieve their goals and make their music break the noise.
New generations, for example, such as millennials, have a particular way to see the world, businesses, and human relationships. They believe their work speaks for itself and don’t need other superficial add-ons, like a public image and superfluous gadgets and behaviors to attract a devoted and loyal audience. Long story short, in theory, this vision should be the right one. A mix of what the industry should enhance and what, for example, Ed Sheeran does. But, unfortunately, we’re not Ed Sheeran.

We believe that a new whole approach to the entertainment field should help the artist’s aspirants, as well as the ones struggling every day to continue prospering in the area. Our goal, as Myrillion, is to help these artists achieving the best and the most reliable contractual conditions and relationships within the system, without having to change their whole mindset to something pejorative, and “sever wings” based view as it is at the moment. We believe Myrillion proposal will give the opportunity to every artist to be himself, having the right attitude and behavior towards his connections, being naive or ingenuine, being critical or just passionate. Our method, as it is established into a chain of information and registers, will allow you to continue to be yourself without a suspicious and negative phycological behavior.

Myrillion, with smart-contracts and blockchain technology help, is building an ecosystem to solve today’s entertainment enigmas. We consider the environment changes people and not the other way around. Thus, with your help, we will develop a safer and transparent network to help you build and succeed on your own path, based on your beliefs.

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