Myrillion’s Road to success.

Myrillion embarked on a very ambitious adventure when launching its first ICO. The idea is to bring blockchain technology to the entirety of the Entertainment and provide a safer and cleaner way to manage a business.

Let’s start with the beginning.

Our business model:

The concept is simple. We will bring blockchain technology and smart contracts to one of the most profitable businesses in the world. The entertainment business is a wicked market full of “sharks” that often overlook the rest of the agents in it. Big record dealers, sports team, or cinema studios usually care about one thing: making money. Even if sometimes at the expense of users, professionals and everyone else around the ecosystem. Myrillion proposes to decentralize and defuse this situation. Making sure that the business operates in a fair way for everyone, users, and professionals.

We want to take this concept of a fair and decentralized market even further and use this technology to offer users new ways of consuming media. Our first partnership, for example, MUUP, will integrate our wallet and allow users to use our token to have access to live 360 concerts trough VR technology. To know more about MUUP visit here.

Other partnerships, besides the ones already accomplished, are being pursued so we can have the most significant market adoption possible.

The Technology:

MYL is the name given to the utility token that will serve as currency within the Myrillion ecosystem. It is allocated in Ethereum under ERC20 contracts due to the support surrounding this blockchain and its adoption by most of the population. Using Ethereum’s smart contracts we intend to provide a new way to gather users and professionals and make the distance, between them, smaller with a reward system that allows users to finance their favorite artist directly.

Create Immutable and traceable contracts performed among different agents that make sure the contractual terms are fulfilled to the end.

Traceability based smart-contract allowing artists to store their content creation information on the blockchain validating that it’s their intellectual property and no one else’s.

A Crowdfunding Project that enables content/event producers to open a crowdfunding operation to launch any creative product within the safety of blockchain.

The Team:

The founders of the project, Yann Dib, and Nicolas Kadri have worked in the banking and business sectors their entire career owning several successful businesses. They are using those skills to build a sustainable way to control such a large economy. The rest of the team has a massive range of competencies, from Marketing to blockchain technology, to music management, and sports ambassadors. Myrillion’s team is a capable and focused group with the right abilities to take this project to success. To have access to the complete team click here.

Our advisors have remarkable careers in distinguished fields. Santiago Casariego is a former musician (related to Manu Chao) who now directs the music program of TF1 (French national tv and radio). Fabrice Croiseaux is an Infrachain Chairman, a non-profit organization supported by the Luxembourg government and created by the emerging Blockchain-Industry and Chief Executive Officer of InTech, a subsidiary of the POST Luxembourg group specializing in information systems consulting and specific development. Finally, Philippe Bouaziz is chairman at Prodware, leading partner of Microsoft in the EMEA area and Sage’s leading partner in French-speaking countries. To find out more about Myrillion’s advisors click here.

The Addressable market:

There is a huge potential market where Myrillion can thrive. According to statista “In 2021, the market is expected to reach a worth of 2.2 trillion U.S. dollars.” When it was worth already 1.8 trillion dollars in 2016. Myrillion wants to integrate the whole Entertainment market and be adopted by most of the active businesses in the market as a solution.

While no project is directly competing with Myrillion, several projects do fit in the same categories as Myrillion you can consult our elaborated table below:

Most preeminent competitors

The Token Economics:

Utilizing blockchain technology and smart contracts will eliminate several problems that are now causing difficulties to both professional and users. Our smart-contracts will allow the automation of the business and simplification of processes, such as payments, for example.

Our utility token will allow that transactions between professionals with other professionals, users and vice-versa becomes faster, automatic and less expensive as it is a decentralized platform that will have no external fees or influence. All transactions will be done directly between the parts involved. MYL will be tradable for fiat and other cryptocurrencies, and available to use it in platforms outside the Entertainment business through partners like Bancor.

By empowering users and professionals, MYL will promote growth within the sector allowing for a more direct and simpler way to do business with fair equity between all agents of the industry.

The Traction:

Even though Myrillion is a project with recent exposure, its fast growth on popularity shows a tendentiously positive trend. This growth can be attributed to the creation of important and notorious partnerships with companies such as MUUP and more to be soon announced.

You can consult our roadmap to understand how the different steps of the process and the sense of progression here.

Myrillion is an ambitious project, designed to change how the entertainment world functions. Making it a simpler more direct business with the correct mindset and resources to make these changes effective.