Myrillion last updates regarding the ongoing ICO

Dear Myrillionaires,

The past few months, we have made strategic choices to ensure the success of Myrillion:

• Favor the creation of the technical solution in order to progress with partners wishing to use our blockchain, and therefore our tokens;

• Invest little in general communication and give priority to communication with private investors by inviting them to dedicated events such as the one held in Paris at Le Palais Brongniart last September, 13th.

• Position itself in a strong industry (Entertainment), indifferent to crisis movements, diversified enough to ensure that a sector that has broken down is compensated by others that are growing, which is the subject of recurrent development of new products and offers.

The efforts made are paying off: the development work on the technical base of our blockchain is being finalized to meet the initial schedule and a first version of our wallet will be released in the coming weeks.

Feel free to connect with us through our social networks! We will provide the latest news on the delivery of these first solutions as we go along.

However, these recent weeks, an unfavorable economic context has emerged for ICO fundraising projects.

This context does not compromise the fundamentals of innovative project developments based on Blockchain technology, but leads its financial and economic actors to a classic wait-and-see attitude and folding into their fundamentals.

This observation is the reason that motivated us to launch the Myrillion public ICO in 2019.

It is essential to strengthen our partnership base and ensure that we can reach the widest community possible. This will ultimately allow us to ensure the necessary speed for our token utility and thus guarantee the long-term adoption of our solutions and its sustainability.

We use several key strategic indicators to assess the best time to propose the ICO to our community (industrial and artistic partnerships, deployment of compatible solutions,…) and are currently working on defining the most representative indicator of the project success.

This indicator will be communicated through our communication channels.

Do not hesitate to join our Telegram group and contact our team if you have any questions, and most importantly, stay connected!

The Myrillion Team