The Democrats are Hemorrhaging Voters for the Same Reason You’re Still Single
Holly Wood, PhD 🌹

Ms. Wood, you must not have read or gotten the same email I did. Obamacare was what was crafted — after the Ronmey/Heritage model — when it was all Obama could get through congress. He tried to get a single payer plan; he tried to lower the ceiling for Medicare; and he tried for a public option. McConnell and company blocked, blocked and blocked. What they have done now is usurped the processes we have in place; they are saying “the hell with women”, evidenced by our absence at the Senate committee table; and they are calling pre-existing conditions “crash cars”. But your missive here is that DEMS are missing the boat, and you are comparing with parenting and being single. Maybe I am too old but I dont get it. We have an obstructionist, authoritarian administration in place. This is not the fault of the Democrats. Yes, 45 was elected. It is also not clear — but hopefully will be — that this was not without Russian interference. Sorry, Ms. Wood, but I dont see how this is because the Dems are at fault. I would say you are peddling snake oil here.

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