Where to start

If I waited till I felt like writing, I'd never write at all. — Anne Tyler

I have been contemplating about what to write for the past week. Every time I came up with a story it was not good enough. Until today when I realized that I would never publish anything because nothing would be good enough. I just had to write, try and improve. It takes 10,000 hours to master something. If I just keep on postponing the writing of a post, I would never get to those 10,000 hours.

And that is usually the problem. I want to perfect things, but things will never be perfect enough, so I just throw the draft in the trash and move on.

This fear for perfection has not always been there, it started after my teacher returned my graded story. At the bottom of the paper (which he had made mostly red with all 'corrections') he had written 'YUK!'. Later I understood that this was because he did not like my writing style, but ever since I was traumatized. I did not pick up a pen anymore, and even if I did, I never showed it to the world. I stopped writing, but realized how much I missed it.

Then my dad told me about Medium. He challenged me to start my own blog. So that is exactly what I did, and after a week of worrying, I decided just to take the plunge. And really I have to admit that it feels fantastic. The creativity flows, words find their way to my fingers and I feel better already.

Sometimes you just have to do something that is scary, and take the plunge (and really somebody told me I should just follow my dream and write a book, just to show that teacher that I am capable of doing it.) Thanks dad for giving me that little push of courage to take the leap.

And so I took the first step, one step in a long journey. I will confront mountains and canyons, but most of all I will become stronger because I do what I love most. And now I just need the courage to publish, to take that last scary leap into the deep waters of writing.

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