Dog Whistles, Gas-Lights and Tiki Torches:

A White Man’s Survival Kit In Modern America

I don’t hate anyone because I don’t believe it is the right thing to do. I do sense in me, however, a distrust of White folks. It grows daily. I haven’t always felt that because in general, I’m just a lover of PEOPLE. I like smiles and laughter. I like an exchange of witticisms in passing. I like doing kind things for the elderly just like they are my own mom and dad. I like the innocence of babies. I like seeing “the lights go on” in the eyes of my students when I’ve taught a “bomb ass” lesson. I like doing and feeling all those things for and about people, in general. No color involved.

But in the back of my mind, that is all being ruined when outrageously racist and inhumane things are said and done to Black people on a daily basis in front of an eerily quiet White audience.

This “great again” White America seems singularly proficient at erecting pedestals from which pale white demagogues have fallen since this administration took office.

It is ridiculous. The lies, the deceit, intentionally misleading the masses of apparently dumb White voters who continue to support a hateful, fear-mongering man who cares nothing for them or their future. In his eyes, all are expendable and he abhors middle class and poor White folks as much as he does Black people, except, he needs an audience to stroke his ego, and apparently his balls too.

These days, Commissioner Roger Goodell can address the “loyal NFL fans” while excluding millions of Black people who buy tickets, jerseys, and watch games too. Meanwhile, a four-star general lays down his reputation and honor to defend a known liar, even using his own son, a fallen hero, in vain, just to assure THE BLACKS don’t get too uppity.

  • Force them to stand.
  • Get those sons-of-bitches off the field.
  • Fire that journalist who wants her rights AND her job.
  • Don’t cry. He knew what he signed up for.

All the while. . .

  • I’m going over here and grab them by the pussy while you vote for me AND dismiss the charges.

Where is the conscience of White America? Does it exist?

A conscience certainly does not exist when White folks feel Black people are in possession of something sequestered only for them. I guess that’s why Black Americans can’t be patriots of the country they literally built by hand.

And then there is the prevailing thought that whenever White folks are struggling, Black people (somewhere) are prospering and living it up. It is as if Black people must maintain a position of suffering or struggle so Whites won’t have to.

It is this very rationale with which leaders in this administration continue to manipulate and mislead their white “base” of supporters. They leak the lie that the “White way of life” is in jeopardy at the fault of Black people. This lie is similar to the age-old lynching accelerant:

Your White women are not safe. The White man must do something to defend her honor and protect his own.

Consequently, Black people continue to be humiliated, white-balled, bought, sold, tarred, feathered, dragged, choked, raped, shot, beheaded, and lynched, in front of this modern America and the world.

I’m tired of the bullshit. Where are all the good, Christian White folks? Or the good white Buddhists? Any loving woke Jews? There has to be some humane non MELANINATED folks somewhere who see what is happening. Someone besides Jane Elliot, Father Pfleger, Michael Rappaport, and Coach Gregg Popovich (because they keep raising their hands when we need everyone involved, not just the smart kids in the front of the class).

Why aren’t more humane White folks speaking out for justice instead of merely demanding peace from Black activists?

Are White people too stupid to realize YOU’VE BEEN HAD? Can’t you see there is only one race, the human race? White is not and never has been supreme. Or do you (even a little) believe you deserve “the lead,” as well as the false sense of security it has (never) offered you?

Is your vulnerability and fragility too much of a bother for your privilege to become weaponized and mobilized for that which is right?

Come on White People. . . wake y’all’s asses up.

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