Everyone wanted to know how to boost your confidence! Now I would not say that I am not confident! there was a lot of events and issues, after which I raised my self-esteem!

Since high school, I sing, I love music. Always was shy and afraid of the scene because I was not confident in myself!

Everybody knows, in February 2015, was a vocal contest «Voice of KBTU ‘!

I did not want to go to the audition, I did not believe in myself! But I have a very cool friends! They wrote me back and forced to go! Thank them very much for that!

When I heard that I have a beautiful voice and good vocals, I was very happy! I went to the semi final, the final, and in the end won the contest!

Because of this, I realized that I was worth something !! and we must go forward! To not give up! And this is one of the situations, after which I became more confident! you can see some photos from that time!! 😌😊😊😊