Waking the Muse

I remember the exact moment when this verse came to me. After months of grief, there was a magical moment when my spirit came alive again and desire was born. The rain was coming down on a cold September day, it seemed to cleanse my mind and give me hope; I breathed in the air and found my heart had decided to take a turn. Those moments in our life are rare, and beautiful. I want to pay attention so that I don’t miss one of them!

Waking the Muse

I don’t know how long this will last
or where it will go
it may fade
like smoke from an extinguished candle
but my heart is awake now
and I am writing again
dreaming of love again

There’s a spark beginning to burn
igniting feelings in my heart
rushing through me
like claps of thunder trampling the sky
i can feel the rain as it falls
turning into a torrent
washing away my grief
giving birth to a new life

© Sandy Hibbard 2017

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