Nebo 2.0: Boost Your Productivity

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Nov 6, 2018 · 4 min read

We’re coming with a new version of our note-taking application based on artificial intelligence. It’s super-duper, and it’s super easy. Read on for more…

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With Nebo 2.0, we add to our intelligent note-taking application the ingredients it needed to boost your productivity. Until today, you were able to take notes on the fly, draw sketches and diagrams, solve calculations, import pictures, convert and export at will. Now, Nebo got even better: smarter recognition with improved neural network, global search across library, and intuitive navigation and document management.

From your very first strokes to your final document, Nebo is your companion that bridges the gap, so that nothing gets in the way. It’s just you and your notes.

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Take Great Notes

At a meeting, at your desk, or while commuting to work, grab your tablet, your active pen, and start writing down ideas and information as they come. If something will be better expressed with a picture, import an image from your library or use your camera without leaving the app. You can also draw, add calculations, apply styles or edit your text with Interactive Ink® gestures (scratch to erase, resize text that reflows, join paragraphs with the tip of your pen, etc.). What’s more, all content types can be moved around with drag and drop, and diagrams are also unbelievably simple to create and edit. You literally have several options at hand, so pick the one(s) that best fits your need. Nebo 2.0 saves you time and energy!

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Manage Pages and Notebooks Like Never Before

Here too, simplicity and productivity first. As a major update, we implemented an intuitive document management system that feels just right. Pages and notebooks can be drag-and-dropped to new destinations within your app, and looking for text in all your notes has never been easier: all the results appear in your library in the side panel and in the main view. After only a glance, you know to which notebook and which page you need to go to find what you’re looking for. Easy.

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Export at Will

At this stage, your notes have become neat, rich documents and they’re ready for the world out there! Export a page in the format that suits you best — HTML, Word document, PDF or Text — and choose the application or software you want to send it to. Or maybe you’d like to export an entire notebook to collaborate with people on a project? No problem.

Also, your notes don’t necessarily need to be dressed to the nines to be exported: you can handwrite in Nebo and send your text to Twitter, your e-mail account or any app that supports text format. That’s also an option.

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With Nebo 2.0, we’re not only bettering note-taking, but the whole process of compiling, shaping and sharing information. Each step has been thoroughly designed so that using our app really makes you more productive. Download it and discover all our other amazing features, like copy/pasting diagrams to PowerPoint or Word, or solving math equations only to name a few. All of this in 65 languages.

Update: Nebo 2.4 was released! Check it out:

Nebo 2.4: Using the cloud to make your team more productive

Real Story Time

Want to know more about Nebo?

The adventure began three years ago at MyScript, the house of the world’s best handwriting recognition technology. We sat down to imagine the perfect note-taking application, the one that would enable you to handwrite notes and interact with them until you get to the fully edited digital documents you need. We had — and still have — in our hands a powerful artificial intelligence tool that turns handwriting into digital content. And with that has come great responsibility. So we built Nebo, released it in August 2016, and never stopped implementing useful functions since. Today, the application has reached over a million downloads, and it just got stunning features that will make your eyes gleam with glee… Enjoy!

From us to you,

The people at MyScript.

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