We’re pleased to announce the launch of Interactive Ink SDK 1.4!

This release provides new and enhanced features, bug fixes and platform updates.

Interactive Ink SDK 1.4 continues to place ink at the core of digital content in accordance with our longstanding mission: to make handwriting as powerful and versatile as typed text. This post outlines the main features of the SDK update, including marked improvements to content handling.

Enhancing ink content

This update centers on the three pillars that are document structure, block editing and import actions.

We’ve enriched our “Text Documents” with freeform sections by inserting “Raw Content” blocks into them.

We regularly build advanced Android examples that you, developers using Interactive Ink SDK, can reuse inside your projects or from which you can draw inspiration.
Today we are happy to share them with you!

Those examples have been developped to match common use cases.

1. The batch mode sample explains how to integrate iink SDK off-screen, without any user interface. It consists in processing a series of pointer events corresponding to already collected ink strokes and exporting the recognition result. It comes with four pointer events samples that correspond to four different content types “Text”, “Math”, “Diagram”, “Raw Content”. Those…

We are pleased to announce the availability of MyScript Interactive Ink SDK 1.3.1 for native platforms!

This latest release includes several fixes. Among the improvements brought by the Interactive Ink SDK 1.3.1, we can list :

  • Text display enhancement when using gestures.
  • MathML export fix when result has curved or square brackets.
  • Text scroll improvement.

We hope you will enjoy this new release. Jump on your package managers and get it now!

Interactive Ink SDK 1.3.2 for iOS is now also available :

This release includes Swift 4 and Xcode 10.2 support.

Additional Resources:

We are excited to announce the release of Interactive Ink SDK 1.3! This release includes improvements of various features, so we highly recommend checking out the changelog for full details.

iink logo

In this post, we highlight some of the more prominent changes: the style and decoration export in JIIX, the new Recognition Assets Builder, and the Math JIIX import. We also talk about cloud-specific updates.

Style and decoration export in JIIX

With iink SDK 1.3, it is now possible to get styling information, including potentially detected decorations (underlines, double-underlines, and frames), via the JIIX export.

It lets you integrate iink more deeply into your application.

JIIX has…

TL;DR — We built a handwritten diagram editor web app based on MyScript cloud technology and using the Vue.js framework.

How can you handwrite a diagram in your browser, preview it and use it with any presentation builder?

This is what we will build throughout this article using MyScriptJS and the Vue.js framework.

Check out the web app online or find the source code on our GitHub repository .

The web app features

Before we start diving into the details, here are the features that will be integrated.

As you may have seen on the demo, the application lets you use an existing diagram…

We are pleased to announce the immediate availability of MyScript Interactive Ink SDK 1.2!

A key focus for this new release was to streamline processing of raw digital ink. This makes it easier than ever to implement an ink search functionality on existing, non-interactive note taking applications or to integrate digital pen & paper solutions with the iink ecosystem.

  • Interactive Ink SDK features a new “Raw Content” content type, coming with a built-in text block extractor to automatically detects and extract ink corresponding to text in raw digital ink. …

DeveloperWeek 2018 SF BAY AREA was a great event for MyScript.

For the first time, we directly sponsored an event targeted at developers. With the recent availability boom of high quality, handwriting-enabled devices like tablets with active styluses, we felt it was the perfect time for developers to build mobile and web apps leveraging handwriting at the core of their user interface and to see what we could learn along the way to improve the developer journey.

We are pleased to announce the immediate availability of the MyScript Interactive Ink SDK 1.1.

This new release comes packed with improvements, right in time for developers attending the DevWeek 2018 San Francisco hackathon that we are proud to sponsor. Whether you have an idea for the next handwriting-enabled killer app or just want to discuss future plans with us, do drop by!

Among the many improvements brought by the iink SDK 1.1, we can list:

  • Improved platform support, with the addition of a new Windows “desktop” .NET API, along with WPF-based example codes and a matching UI Reference Implementation.

When it comes to integrate MyScript technology into your solution, you have several options: MyScript Interactive Ink SDK, often abbreviated as iink SDK, is the latest addition to our toolkit family. Built to address most of our customer’s feedback, it is the easiest and most versatile way to integrate handwriting recognition. Based on Interactive Ink principles, it is cross-platform at its heart and offers APIs that are both flexible and easy to integrate. It is set to ultimately replace both ATK and CDK.

You can get started here. Please refer to the documentation for more information.

MyScript SDK is a…

This new SDK gives you access to the MyScript Interactive Ink technology powering MyScript’s award-winning note-taking application Nebo.

While MyScript Application Toolkit 2.2 already offered an early implementation of the Interactive Ink technology, MyScript iink SDK goes further in that direction and takes into account numerous feedbacks gathered from our community to improve the overall developer experience.

Key improvements compared to MyScript ATK 2.2:

  • MyScript iink SDK brings back the ability to manage text that was absent from ATK 2.x releases.
  • MyScript iink SDK allows managing Text Documents, which include blocks of multiple types such as text, math, and diagram…

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