Interactive Ink SDK 1.3 released

We are excited to announce the release of Interactive Ink SDK 1.3! This release includes improvements of various features, so we highly recommend checking out the changelog for full details.

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In this post, we highlight some of the more prominent changes: the style and decoration export in JIIX, the new Recognition Assets Builder, and the Math JIIX import. We also talk about cloud-specific updates.

Style and decoration export in JIIX

With iink SDK 1.3, it is now possible to get styling information, including potentially detected decorations (underlines, double-underlines, and frames), via the JIIX export.

It lets you integrate iink more deeply into your application.

JIIX has evolved to version 2 to support this new functionality. Please have a look at the migration guide and the JIIX reference for more information.

Code example displaying surrounded text content sorted by colors

In this online web example, elements you have highlighted by framing them show on the right of the screen.

New Recognition Assets Builder

A new API was added to iink SDK to let you generate text lexicons and math grammars. It’s more dynamic and dev-friendly.

This comes on top of the pre-existing online tool to generate custom recognition assets.

The new Recognition Assets Builder comes in handy for end-users who want to:

  • add their own words to an in-app dictionary.
  • generate math grammars that are perfectly adapted to a given math exercise.

Open this online web example, write an equation and you’ll see that the recognized math symbols have voluntarily been restricted to basic algebra.

Math JIIX import

Today, with Math JIIX, you can:

  • import content (it’ll replace anything existing in the part).
  • save, alter and/or store the export, and import it later.

MyScript Cloud updates

The MyScript Cloud Web-Sockets API is intended for interactive usage.

Twelve months after the deployment, we better understand how end-users take advantage of it.

Let’s take the example of the clear button. On average, when writing text or math, they press it twice.

In order to propose a fair billing price covering MyScript costs, we now count an extra request every 4 “clear” messages during a Web-Sockets session.

De-connections were annoying end-users, so we recommended setting the always-connected mode anytime it occurred. To increase end-users and developers’ satisfaction, this mode is the new default for all front-end libraries.

Gentle reminder: if you want to host the MyScript Cloud API on your premise, please contact us.


MyScript ATK and CDK products (the ancestors of MyScript iink SDK) are no longer updated. They will enter “end of life” soon, so if you are still using them, please consider moving to iink SDK. Our support team is here to help you, should you face any blocking issues.

➤ MyScript ATK is deprecated.

➤ MyScript CDK (V3 API) is deprecated. Learn the migrations steps.

The V3 API will not be supported in the next version of MyScriptJS, mycript-common-element, myscript-text-web and myscript-math-web.

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Now, it’s your turn to play with Interactive Ink SDK!