Interactive Ink SDK 1.4 released

We’re pleased to announce the launch of Interactive Ink SDK 1.4!

This release provides new and enhanced features, bug fixes and platform updates.

Interactive Ink SDK 1.4 continues to place ink at the core of digital content in accordance with our longstanding mission: to make handwriting as powerful and versatile as typed text. This post outlines the main features of the SDK update, including marked improvements to content handling.

Enhancing ink content

This update centers on the three pillars that are document structure, block editing and import actions.

We’ve enriched our “Text Documents” with freeform sections by inserting “Raw Content” blocks into them.

We’ve also improved content editing by allowing users to copy a text block from any part. They can then paste it to either a “Text” or a “Text Document” part. Math content gets the same treatment.

To ease content manipulation, iink now allows you to choose actions when you import JIIX into “Diagram” and “Raw Content” parts. With the update option, iink changes the recognition text candidates, whereas with the new add and replace options, iink imports the ink data.

Rendering improvements

Rendering has two new APIs, allowing us to support a new rendering capacity for the renderer based on the drawing of offscreen surfaces. We call this “offscreen rendering”.

We’re making these APIs available in addition to our existing ones (which you can still use). That said, we definitely recommend using the new APIs as they increase the rendering speed and are necessary for new features like math animation. Check the rendering page to learn how to use them.

Math animation

On native platforms, Interactive Ink SDK can now perform morphing when converting math strokes to typeset. Check here to discover how to set up this option.

This feature improves the user experience by smoothing the transition between ink and typeset. It was also the last significant item necessary to fill the math gap between the MyScript ATK and iink SDK products.

End of support for ATK and CDK

The MyScript ATK and CDK products (the ancestors of MyScript iink SDK) are no longer being updated; indeed, ATK support ended last May, and CDK support will be withdrawn by the end of November 2020. If you’re still using either product, please consider moving to iink SDK. Our support team is here to help if you encounter any issues.

The CDK V3 API is no longer supported by the new iink Web version, including the MyScriptJS (subsequently renamed iinkJS). Learn the migrations steps involved in moving to our latest APIs.

We hope you’ll enjoy this new release! For more details, we recommend you check out the changelog.

Many of the new features stem directly from requests you sent us, so keep the feedback coming.

Stay well and do let us know your thoughts on iink SDK 1.4!

The MyScript Developer team

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