How to Launch a New Product on Amazon, Boost Organic Amazon Sales and Get Amazon Reviews

(all while abiding by Amazon’s new TOS on reviews)

Update 2017: The article below is still relevant — but I put together an improved process here:

Over the past two weeks I successfully launched a new private label product on Amazon. I am sharing the exact process I used with you here.

I was able to boost organic sales and get two 5 star reviews abiding by the Amazon’s new review terms of service.

The proof of concept cost me $12 in Facebook Ads and Amazon Seller Support reviewed my steps and said I was OK.

Here’s an overview of the steps:

  1. Create landing page outside of Amazon with your listing and your offer. I have created a turn key landing page creator for Amazon listings here:
    It’s cheaper and faster for Amazon listing landing pages than other platforms, but you can tweak this and build your own.
  2. Reserve your FBA inventory
  3. Create a promotion
  4. Create a Facebook Ad (I will give step by step on how and why I did certain steps here).
  5. Manual follow up sequence (I will give you the exact emails I used)

On October 5, 2016 Amazon updated their terms of service on reviews and it rocked the Amazon seller world.

I had just gotten a new private label product into the Amazon warehouse and needed to launch. I had used Facebook groups in the past and got a few reviews that way to go from no reviews to about 5.

Now I needed a new plan.

Gameplan: drive targeted Facebook traffic of who I want to use my product to a discount and manually follow up with emails.

This plan made a lot of sense to me and worked out to work. Review sites and review groups should be avoided IMO because those people don’t necessarily want what you’re selling, there could be hijackers / competitors there and those people review a lot of products and can easily be identified by Amazon.

Step 1: Landing Page Creation

I’m going to show you how to create a landing page using my software for Amazon Listing landing pages at: but you can do something similar on other platforms.

For this demo I’m going to use a random yoga mat I found on Amazon. Using My Seller Pal I lookup the ASIN and create a landing page.

My Seller Pal pulls all the listing images — so I chose the one I want to be primary and included all the rest. I also put in a code I generated on Amazon for a promotion (I will show that in a bit).

I then framed the offer like so — so that prospects know we are launching something new.

I never ask for a review upfront — but do after the email follow up after the sale after the customer responds to my first follow up. (details below)

This generated the following landing page.

I also added tracking scripts for FB retargeting.

Desktop View
Mobile Responsive View

Step 2: Reserve FBA Inventory with a FBA multi channel order placed on hold

AMZ Tracker has a good write up on reserving FBA inventory: This is to protect you from something going viral with your code. Later you can cancel your FBA multichannel fulfillment order to free up your inventory.

Step 3: Create Promo Code on Amazon

I created a promo code on Amazon — it was single use per customer and did not show on the Amazon listing page.

My plan was to control access by limiting my inventory and controlling my ad spend on facebook to limit traffic to the landing page.

Step 3a: About Pricing

I tried various pricing strategies, half off, 70% off etc. $1.00 was the best because I want to limit friction for the customer.

I wanted to limit ad spend on Facebook so $1.00 converted at over 50%. I spent a total of $12.00 for 6 sales and ultimately 2 reviews

Step 4: Drive traffic to the landing page.

For my product — it was targeted at mud runners. Here is a screen shot of my Facebook targeting for that.

Remember — I wanted people who would actually love my product — not just deal seekers.

This is part of the secret of the strategy. Find people who are likely to love your product — not jut some deal site.

I targeted people who like the tough mudder, spartan race and Amazon.

Product images and name blocked out here. Carousel ads are awesome for products!

This drove 6 sales for $11.80 in ad spend.

Step 5: Update Landing page to end promotion

I updated my landing page on to remove the promotion but this page was still shared a bunch just from one ad.

People who find this now can still go to my listing for the regular Amazon price. The My Seller Pal landing pages are meant to be an investment and live on.

Step 6: Manual email sequence

I never asked for a review. I sent this email here. One user replied and gave me great feedback and I asked for feedback. Another user left a review without following up or asking.

I wrote this to a customer who wrote a nice email back. Review not required but it would be nice.

Amazon Seller Support — Reviewed my whole sequence.

Take Action

If you enjoyed this post and want to create landing pages that can help you launch products and boost sales for existing Amazon products I just made the software available for half price for our launch at:

p.s. My ASIN had no sales before this, now I’m selling 1–3 a day on this one. It’s a very long tail niche. I have many ASINs, so a few sales a day is good with me for each.

p.p.s. Here is a quick setup guide for creating the landing page.