Making out with a married woman

November 23rd, 2015

Dear diary,

My friend and his fiancee have recently moved into their own apartment and as a post house-warming party, they were hosting a game of poker. There were eight of us for the poker game including the hosting couple, and two other married couples who were friends of my friend’s fiancee. And then there was my girlfriend and I. I wasn’t acquainted with the two married couples and had met them for the first time at the house-warming party.

I have never been able to resist flirting with a beautiful lady and one of the wives was extremely beautiful. She was slim, had silky smooth black hair that fell down below her shoulders. She was wearing a red dress and red lip gloss to match the dress. The mascara in her eyes was perfectly complementing her hair colour. With a perfect almond shaped face, she sent butterflies fluttering in my stomach when our eyes first locked together. No matter how much I tried, I just could not get my eyes away from hers. And to increase the butterflies in my stomach, she didn’t look away either. Maybe a few seconds passed, maybe a few minutes, maybe an eternity. I can’t be sure. I was totally lost in her beautiful brown eyes.

Thankfully, my girlfriend was busy admiring the view from the balcony and wasn’t in the room to see me ogling at this goddess. Finally, she broke into a smile that revealed one cute dimple on her right and perfectly lined teeth. If she had been beautiful before, the smile took it up a notch.

I took the smile as an invitation to say hello and walked up to her and introduced myself. At this point, I didn’t know that she was married. And she didn’t know that I had a girlfriend. It was as though I was meeting a stranger that took my breath away and I went up to make small talk and ask her out on a date simply because it wasn’t appropriate to tell someone you had just met that you loved them. But boy, was I in love with this lady!

Once we got talking, I learnt that she worked as a HR at TCS and that she had recently moved back to Bangalore after a few years outside the city. If she hadn’t lived in Bangalore before, I would have worked my usual move of asking her if she needed a guide in showing her around the city. But, now I had to change tack and ask her if she had been introduced to the many local micro-breweries that had cropped up in the city in the last couple of years. Unfortunately, she said she wasn’t much into beer and liked wine better.

Thankfully, I knew where my friend kept his wine bottles and offered to pour her a glass of red Merlot. She said she’d love to join me for a glass of wine and I walked her to the room with the wine bottles. While she was going through the different wine bottles, I was busy committing every line of her face and her body to my memory. And when she turned, she caught me staring at her and snapped her fingers at my face and asked what I was doing. But she wasn’t angry as she had the hint of a smile on her face. If anything, she seemed flattered that I was so clearly smitten by her.

Trying to think what to tell her, I made up a poem on the spot and asked if she’d like to hear it. She asked me what it was about and I told her she’d find out if she heard it. And she just smiled, looking at me, urging me to go on.

It all started with a little crush

On the girl with the pretty smile

Who could make me blush

From across the lengthy Nile

Sitting across the table

And watch her sip her wine

Thinking of ways to be able

To freeze this moment in time.

She blushed a little and asked me, “What table?”

I told her that the table that she’d be sitting across me with candles on it, set on a rooftop under a sky full of stars, if she were to let me take her out for dinner.

She moved closer to me and gently kissed me on the lips, long enough for me to internalsie the warmth of her lips. I moved a hand onto her waist and opened my mouth slightly to kiss her better, but she pulled back. And said, “I wish that you had taken me out to dinner before I got married.” with a look of real sadness on her face. There was a hint of a tear in her eye.

I took her hand in mine and asked her if everything was alright and apologised saying I didn’t realise that she was married. She put a finger to my lips to indicate I had nothing to apologise about, and caressed my hand with her fingers when she explained that she was stuck in an unhappy marriage and that her husband didn’t so much as show the slightest affection towards her except for buying her expensive gifts. And that too only when he wanted to have sex.

She told me that she had felt so happy when I had recited the poem to her and had described the candlelight dinner to her. She was a romantic at heart but was deprived of any romantic feelings from her partner. She had been longing for something like this. And this time, she didn’t hold back and kissed me full on the lips, bringing her tongue to meet mine.

I moved my hand from her waist down to her thighs and brought it back up, only this time going inside her dress. She continued to kiss me hard as she put one hand into my trousers and found my erection that was now pining for her touch. When her thumb passed gently over the tip of my penis, I slightly bit her on the lip. That spurred her on even more as she began to rub my penis up and down. My hands had now moved up from her thighs onto her breasts and were caressing her nipples, all while we continued to kiss, refusing to let go of each other’s lips and tongues.

After a few minutes, I felt my erection erupt as I came over her hand that had been spurring me to action. She pulled back from the kiss and took her hand covered in cum out of my pants and put one finger in her mouth. She withdrew her finger, sucking it all the way, and smiled at me when she was done, “You taste good.”