Children’s Dental Service

Are you looking for a children’s dental service Your child requires regular checkups to the dentist to ensure that they have healthy teeth and gums throughout their life. Establishing a pattern of regular trips to the dentist early in life will ensure that your child faces fewer oral problems.

Your child’s first trip to the dentist should be shortly after they have received their first tooth. This ensures that the dentist can make sure the teeth are growing in properly, that the correct maintenance is being done at home and your child is not facing any oral diseases that may affect their teeth and gums from being healthy.

After the initial appointment it is important to establish a pattern of biannual trips to the dentist. The dentist is equipped with the knowledge and tools to stop plaque and tartar buildup that can cause diseases like gingivitis, cavities, or periodontitis. They will clean your child’s teeth thoroughly and offer any advice regarding how to maintain healthy teeth and gums. They can also offer solutions for straightening teeth, whitening teeth, and they are available for any dental emergencies like tooth aches or knocked out teeth that your child may face.

If your child is enrolled in any sport activities a custom made mouth guard is a great idea. The dentist makes a mold of your child’s teeth so that the mouth guard fits snugly and will not fall out. This is especially important if your child is playing contact sports such as football, rugby, hockey, or basketball.

Things You Can Do at Home

It is also important that your children take care of their teeth at home. They should brush their teeth twice daily, and floss daily. They should also avoid drinking sugary drinks and eating sugary foods or hard candies. Establish a routine for them so that they automatically brush their teeth each day. Reinforce the idea that looking after their teeth means they will have healthy teeth and a brilliant smile for their whole life. It is important that you keep a positive attitude about trips to the dentist. Never threaten your child with a trip to the dentist and keep any anxiety that you may have regarding the dentist away from your child.