Appreciate Your Capital with SBI Magnum Global Fund

Do you have the desire to build a huge wealth for your future? Do you want to fulfil your desires to live a luxurious life? If yes, then make a move right away. Investments are considered to be the source of creating wealth for the future. They let your hard-earned money multiply manifolds and help in accumulating greater benefits. Although investments offer a great opportunity, they must be done with due care as they involve money matters.

SBI Magnum Global Fund is one of best investment strategies which is designed to cater to the wealth building needs of the investors. Launched on September 22, 1994, the scheme falls in the open-ended small & mid-cap funds’ category. The primary aim of the plan is to offer maximum growth opportunities to the investors through a well-researched investment in Indian equities, PCDs, FCDs of selected industries that have high growth potential. Moreover, it makes investments in the Bonds to generate consistent returns in the long run.

If you desire to appreciate your capital and want to create wealth, the SBI Magnum Global Fund is the apt choice. The reasons are as under:

1.The portfolio of this scheme is built with primary investments in the mid-cap companies which are at their growing stages and thus offer high growth opportunities to the investors as well.
2.The investments are made for a longer duration of time, and thus they help in fulfilling long-term investment goals.
3.The scheme is ranked third by CRISIL in its category which ensures its market position.
4.The absolute annual returns of the scheme have reached up to 66.2 percent in the year 2014, and it is further offering 21.70 and 20.90 percent returns in the three- and five-year investments.
5.The sector allocation graph depicts major investments in the engineering, financial, FMCG, chemicals, and healthcare industries. These sectors offer the great opportunities of generating better returns in the long run.
6.The top holdings of SBI Magnum Global Fund include MRF, P&G Hygiene & Health Care, Gruh Finance, Divi’s laboratories, and Solar Industries.

Accordingly, the scheme is designed in the best way and persists every quality that a high-yielding investment avenue must have. By parking your money in this plan, you can ensure high worth to your portfolio.

Appreciating capital means enhancing the value of invested capital, and this can be attained only if the amount is invested in the right fund. SBI Magnum Global Fund being a growth-oriented equity plan can generate such returns on our investments. The past performance as specified in the above points further provide assurance of this scheme’s efficiency. So we can consider this strategy for our portfolio and earn good returns over time.

SBI Magnum Global Fund is one of the right plans for capital appreciation. By reading this article you would be able to conclude why should you invest in the same.