Invest in the Best Scheme with HDFC Mutual Funds

Mutual Funds have recorded the highest growth in the past seven years; it counted around Rs.3.71 trillion in the year 2016. With the immense growth in this industry, HDFC Mutual Fund being one of the leading Asset Management Company in the market contributed its best services at both ends (i.e., for industry and the investors). Since the launch of the first scheme in June 2000, today HDFC MF have more than 1140 mutual fund investment schemes for all suitable individual and institutional plans. It has assets under management of around Rs.237177.61 crore as on 31st March 2017.

HDFC Mutual Fund is an asset management company registered in the Indian statute which came into existence as a trust with the name HDFC Trustee Company Limited sponsored by the Housing Development Finance Corporation Limited and Standard Life Investments Limited.

Some of the major categories of HDFC MF are:-

  1. Equity or Growth Fund: — This scheme targets to attain a higher return in long-run. Funds collected are in this category are invested in stocks, equities & shares of companies with long-term growth objective. HDFC Core & Satellite Fund (G) and HDFC Capital Builder Fund (G) are some schemes which fall under equity fund. These funds carry moderately high risk.
  2. Debt or Income Fund: — Investors who wish to earn a regular return out of their investments, should invest in this category of HDFC Online Mutual Fund Schemes. Under this, investments are made into deposits, securities, cash/call instruments, treasury bills, etc., to generate a regular return. HDFC High-Interest Fund — Short Term Plan (G) and HDFC Medium Term Opportunities Fund (G) are some of the schemes under debt fund. An investor who wants to be secure from high risk can opt for the schemes under this fund.

A very common factor which influences the investment of many investors is the risk factor. 
Here are the various schemes of HDFC MF based on the risk scale:

HDFC Retirement Savings Fund: — Secure your retirement future with HDFC Retirement Saving Scheme. This plan is drafted to generate returns out of its diversified investment, to provide a fixed amount of income regularly to the investors after their retirement. This scheme invests in the stocks, equities, shares, treasury bills, etc.
HDFC Dual Advantage Fund — Series II — 1111D: — This scheme is objected towards the income generation by investing in a portfolio of debt and money market instrument, and some portion of the fund is also parked in the equity market to gain some capital appreciation. This scheme is suitable for those investors who are seeking a regular income as well as a capital appreciation. The risk involved in this scheme is moderate.
HDFC Prudence Fund: — This is designed with the investment objective of providing periodic return and capital appreciation in the long-run. The investment is plotted into a mix of debt and equity to reduce the capital risk.

Benefits of Investment in HDFC Mutual Fund Schemes

Fund Basket With a Variety of Schemes: — We all have heard this phrase “don’t put all your eggs in one basket”, HDFC MF provides you with the same as it has a variety of schemes to invest in with a diversified portfolio.
Professional Management: — The monitoring of the investor’s corpus is in the hands of the best professional managers under HDFC MF. So once you choose your investment plan, you can relax and keep a regular view on your portfolio for self-information.
Deal with Leaders: — HDFC Mutual Fund online is one of the leading mutual funds in the mutual fund industry. Invest in the schemes which suit your financial goals by joining hands with the leaders to track the tour from investment to return.
Earn effortlessly: — HDFC Mutual Fund makes your investment deal simpler and easier. All you need to do is; choose your plan, apply for the same, and verify all related documents to get started.

In this article, you read about the special benefits which you can avail by investing in HDFC MF. In short, HDFC Mutual Funds provide one of the best services to the investors to attain their financial goals in a smooth way.