We have been playing our songs at many different places throughout 2017, from cozy house concerts for a handful of people to outdoor festivals near Berlin, from churches in Czech Republic to literature houses close to the Baltic Sea.

Does a song remain the same no matter where it is played? Or is it different every time it is listened to, depending on the people present and the location accompanying it. And are we, the performers, the same people while playing the song, or do we change every time we sing it? …


It is hot in Berlin. So hot that you can barely think, or move, or do anything but lay down drinking water and eating water melon. Blue berries too. Sun flower seeds if you fancy that in the hear. Longing for the ocean and a cool breeze while outside this room the traffic gets stuck, the dogs bark and the dog owners scream at each other, the ambulance turns on the siren right next to the few passengers left and the concrete is melting into the air until birds might drop from the sky. Last year around this time…

my sister grenadine

My Sister Grenadine lives at various places. These places are songs, these songs are people. Let´s meet and walk for a bit while listening to each other.

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