A Rant Against Maximization
Jason Fried

“I don’t mind leaving some water in the cloth, some drips in the glass, some money on the table. I like knowing there’s headroom.”

In other words, you prefer to settle for less than your best. In this quote, you explicitly state that you like stopping just short of your full potential. You quit even though you know there is more to accomplish. That is unequivocally pathetic.

Now, I don’t think you actually hold this belief nor practice it. I am willing to bet that you do believe and practice maximization. Perhaps you have a different method and a different name for it, but it is maximization nonetheless. I think you’re simply catering to the Millennial hordes by pretending to be a radical, new-age CEO who is trying very hard to broadcast his outside-the-box forward thinking. Congratulations, you are succeeding.