The Essential Skill of Pattern Recognition
Esko Kilpi

Recent developments in psychology/sociology have shown that human agency is not located or stored in an individual, contrary to what mainstream economics would have us believe. The individual mind arises continuously in communication between people.

The second sentence does not support the conclusion of the first. The first sentence concerns the location of human agency. The second sentence concerns the development of human agency. Can you spot the difference? (HINT: notice the bolded text)

Economics is not concerned with the development and changes of human agency or the individual mind. Economics is concerned with the consequences individual human action. Actions may certainly be influenced by the collective, but the final act is the individual actor’s and his alone. To argue otherwise is to argue that individual choice does not exist: I didn’t decide to buy the product; we decided to buy the product. I didn’t decide to commit the crime; we decided to commit the crime.


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