The Beauty of Tussar Silk Sarees and the Things to Know About These Sarees

India is a country which has festivities around the year and before you know it we are all set to dress up gorgeously and celebrate some of our age-old traditions. Sarees are always the favorite and first choice of Indian women, when we are talking sarees, we have to look at the online market of sarees now we have availability of Tussar silk sarees online, and we also have the Kanjivaram sarees online which are the two major elegant and favored varieties for festive purposes.

Tussar silk sarees are available in a lot of different hues and are six yards of sheer elegance. Let us explore the beauty of Tussar fabric today:

The Beauty of Tussar Silk Sarees:

  • Tussar silk is also familiar as ‘Kosa silk’ in many parts of India. The name itself means style and lavishness. These sarees are the perfect match for any traditional and auspicious events. As the sarees are suitable for all age groups and the fabric is very comfortable, each woman of India has at least one piece in their possession. The traditional tussar has also seen modification with the new designer and contemporary fashion.
  • The choice of hues for these sarees has a wide range. It is available in almost every color. If you’re looking for Tussar silk sarees, online, you can see how each shade is so distinct. Starting from muted tones of beige, golden honey to the darker and royal tones of reds, browns and pinks and many more pastel shades, the range boggles your mind. There are sarees with traditional block patterns and also modern styles if you prefer them.
  • The tussar fabric is classified into five distinct types. The readily available ones are cotton mixed with tussar warp, but the most popular ones are definitely the pure tussar.
  • The most common color combination technique is color contrast. The norm is to pair muted shades like beige with a bright shade of green, red or pink. This heightens the beauty and elegance of anyone wearing these sarees.
  • Tussar is one of the top choices of every traditional Indian occasion, starting from family gatherings to weddings. You can also look for Kanjivaram sarees online; the traditional value of both these kinds of sarees is deep-rooted in Indian ethnic apparel and culture.
  • The texture and fineness of these sarees have claimed attention internationally. Countries across the world favor the Tussar sarees, and these sarees are now shipped worldwide.

Maintaining your Tussar Silk Saree

  • Dry cleaning is the recommended was an option for Tussar silk sarees.
  • Do not wrap the dry cleaned sarees in plastic; the sarees need contact with air.
  • If you wish to wash it yourself, cold water and mild soap are advised for this delicate fabric.