Bring Home Your Spa Pool & relish Luxury Spa Sessions Every Single Day!

Is there a better way to chill out, and let your hair down than having an intimate pool party with your family or friends? Or is there a better way to relax and rejuvenate yourself, than soaking in a tub of warm fragrant water after going through a gruelling schedule? Now you can avail of these facilities in the luxury of your own home! Whether it is a personalised pool party with friends, or a one of a kind spa experience, you can now look forward to having it all right here in your home! No need to splurge a fortune on expensive spa packages, now regular spa holidays will become a virtual reality. Yes you read that right! Now you can enjoy luxurious spa experiences and feel like royalty three sixty-five days of a year, in your home!

All you have to do, is bring home a home spa from a trusted and well established spa pool dealer. These home saunas are easy to install and are portable. Once they have been installed, let the fun and games begin. These home saunas are versatile objects as they can not only help you relax by caressing your body and its tired muscles. You can just let go and indulge yourself to the hilt as warm jets of water flirts with your body tantalisingly and heal aching joints! You can also have some amazing workout sessions in your home saunas. As over ninety percent of your body is submerged in water you do not feel stressed out. Now you can shed those layers of fat and cellulite accumulation without feeling sweaty and dizzy! You can flex your sinews and swim against the currents created by any of the four adjustable jets. This will certainly increase and regulate blood circulation throughout your body and help you feel relaxed and also tone your body. This also effectively obliterates any muscle pain, swollen joints etc.

The spa pools Central Otago sports many attractive features such as full body massage loungers which are big enough to accommodate eight to nine people, about forty-three jets which are fully adjustable, back massage seats, which are ideal for neck and shoulder as well as spine massage. There are also numerous air injectors which when opened will yield fragrant essential herbal oils which when mixed with the water, makes for the picture perfect aromatherapy session. There are spa pools to satiate every preference. There are spacious family pools, party spa pools, therapeutic saunas etc. Therapeutic saunas are the perfect way to have a workout session, by swimming against the currents, perform hydro yoga, ballet and Pilates.

Nothing can be a cooler way to party with your friends at your home sauna. These home spa pools contain state of art features that provides the perfect tailor-made pool party like water proof LED lights which sets the mood and the creates the perfect atmosphere to let your hair down and go wet and wild, Bluetooth underwater music system, which provides peppy music of your choice and special visual features like water falls. Just get set to party hard without leaving the comfort of your home! Now with the perfect home spa have personalised spa experience each day, every year!