Entry 24: Cold World 2

I’m not in the clear yet BUT I’m feeling a lot better than yesterday. Like 35 times better but I’m still not at 100%. Baby steps I guess. I made the horrible mistake of turning yesterday’s entry into an educational one. A mistake because I really don’t feel like expatiating on the symptoms of a cold right now but I set myself up for this. It’s gets worse. I thought about sharing my secret to getting rid of a cold quickly but its the sort of practice that could get me investigated. It’s not illegal, it just goes against the ethics of my profession. It does work though. Anyway, here we are — almost 24 hours later.

Yesterday was a mess. I had the worst pain in both ears. It started in my right ear and then later happened in my left ear. It was as a result of the accompanying sore throat. Ear aches are scary as well as triggering for me. I’ve had otitis media (an infection of the middle ear) twice before. I can tell you that it is a humbling experience. The same viruses that cause a cold can cause sore throats, earaches and even sinus infections. Those are a little over-the-top forms a cold can take. A few of the more common signs and symptoms of the common cold include: sneezing, coughing, runny nose, watery and (or) itchy eyes, muscle weakness and (or) muscle aches, fevers (typically low grade), headaches, lethargy, congestion in the head and (or) nose.

What should you do if you’re coming down with a cold?

  1. Be mindful of contact. Please don’t spread it. You literally have one job and that’s it. Don’t be that person who is so messy that they infect everyone around them. It will probably come back to infect you by the time you think you’re in the clear from the current infection.

In conclusion, don’t feel ashamed to avoid someone with a bad cold until they feel better. Its nothing personal. 😂 It’s time for me to watch a little YouTube before bed so Im signing off now. Till tomorrow, stay healthy.






I write down what I don’t show.

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I write down what I don’t show.

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