Man Marries Inflatable Goose; What Happens Next Will Inspire You

Mark (Left) and Goosey Lucy (Right)

Mark Fitzpatrick in Fresno, California may have changed what we think of marriage forever.
In late May of last year he proposed to his girlfriend of two years. The wedding was set to take place September 9, 2014.

However Mark had other plans —

Fowl plans.

A few days short of Fitzpatrick’s big day, he stumbled into his local CVS searching for small flashlights for hobbies unspecified.
On his way out of the CVS, he noticed a clearence section for summer items such as coolers, and floaties.

“That was when I saw her,” Mark recalls, “There was just something about her eyes and her smile that drew me to her. That was when I knew I found my soulmate.”

Mark knew he couldn’t live with himself if he paid for this beauty, he knew he had to steal her.

“It was almost closing time — I took one look around, grabbed my sweetheart, and plowed through the automatic door, speeding away on my longboard.” Mark explained to us in his detailed interview.

Mark tells us, that after he brought home his new love bird, his fiancee was enraged and left immediately.

“He’s a freak!” Susan revealed to us “I thought the plastic flamingo was bad enough, but now an inflatable goose? Disgusting!”

Despite his fiancee abandoning him, Mark was quite content with his new love — Goosey Lucy.

Lucy and Fitzpatrick were married last Sunday and have kickstarted an entire movement for human/inflatble animal marriage across the country.

“We get looks, laughs, and comments thrown at us daily,” Mark explains, “we have eachother and that’s all that matters in the end.”

Congratulations to the Newly Weds!

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