Problems which can only be resolved through Mystery Shopping approach

Be it measuring the quality of services or products, many organizations rely on Mystery shopping to get an insight into their business. It has become increasingly popular for addressing service related issues.

Organizations these days recognize the importance of improving service and customer satisfaction, hence choose Mystery shopping — a tool that’s used externally to measure the quality. Evaluation of services is done by concealing the identity of a mystery shopper, hence giving more accurate and transparent findings. As a result, Mystery Shopping is a proven effective tool to resolve business problems.

Mystery shoppers perform specific tasks such as purchasing a product, asking questions, registering complaints, Observe, Record, and Report about their experiences. It helps in gathering information about Service, Quality and other pressing issues benefiting brands to sustain positively.

Knowing the voice of your customer and keeping them happy is necessary, if you want your business to grow. Especially with social media giving the customer a pivot place, it’s critical to know the customer satisfaction ratings, which in turn can have powerful effects. Firstly, it helps focus employees on the importance of fulfilling and exceeding customer expectations. Secondly, when satisfaction ratings dip, they warn of potential problems that could lead to dip in revenue. For such cases, Mystery Shopping approach help companies measure satisfaction and identify unhappy client base. Mystery shopping addresses these vital issues and provides you the solution.

This exercise allows business owners to get a quick, reliable and quality feedback from the customer perspective. It aids in the evaluation of customer care performance levels and can be used as a training aid as it will highlight professionalism, helpfulness, integrity, appearance, and knowledge of your team during the buying process.

Mystery shopping business in India is quickly picking up pace. The industry is estimated to be worth around 70 crore and employs over 2 lakh people on a part-time basis. Many consumer-focused businesses like hospitality chains, retail outlets depend on mystery shopping to check out the service standards and integrity of their staff.

One of the companies that offer such services in India is HS Brands International-Asia.

At HS BRANDS, the mystery shopping experience is tracked for your store, restaurant, branch or any consumer based outlet. Mystery shoppers who match the profile of your target audience visit locations secretly as customers, and measure the key parameters of their experience. They provide on-the-ground assessment of the application of key behaviors by the front line associates. In short, it tells you the areas where your frontline team is strong, as well as the opportunity for improvement — leading to revenue generation indirectly.

If your organization is looking for ways to pinpoint strengths and weaknesses and standardize its service in a competitive marketplace, mystery shopping is the answer.