The thing

You finally decide to go to sleep, to run away from all your problems. In the middle of the night, your fears catch you. Your whole body becomes paralyzed, and maybe dead. Everything is numb except your eyes, you will see things, all your fears, and your nightmare’s reflections.. no one can help you, as if you were in the real world. You can hear yourself crying, screaming and begging for mercy.. You yell your lover’s name, your mother’s name and your gods' .. No one is going to help you, even your own body turned against you.

Look at the dark roof. You’ll see the ghost of your pain, stabbing you to death while slightly smiling, your heart breaking in two, and then your home being destroyed.

Blood all over the walls, yelling from the next room and screams from the sea. In the end, you will figure it out. No one can beat your fears for you.

Here it is, your solo.

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