Cryptobubbles: Tactics of the winner

Correct settings

  1. If European servers have lags behind the influx of players, especially during a tournament, use North American or Asian servers to connect. High fps is key for a comfortable game. Even if you get a little more PING, your FPS will be better.
Zoom out in browser settings


The correct start of the round.

  1. In the first 20 seconds of the round, you need to eat as many candies as possible, 1 point for each. The trajectory of its movement should be chosen for maximum efficiency. You don’t have to run like crazy to do that. It is much more efficient to reduce the speed to a minimum and use the optimal trajectory and movement from side to side. Move to where more candy standing nearby.
  2. With one eye you have to choose a victim for a split attack. It would be ideal to make a split attack in the first 30 seconds of the round. This is one of the main conditions for domination in the round. Even better is a double split attack. For beginners: a split attack is performed with the Space bar.
In the first 30 seconds of the game, try to make a successful split attack

Corner traps

The corner is a great trap for those who are slightly smaller than you. You don’t even need a split attack. Choose a victim in advance and press it to the corner, cutting the way. Feel like a hunter. But be careful. If the victim eats in the corner, you may be the victim yourself.

Corral their prey into a corner

Edge of map

After a successful snack in the corner, move along the edge of the map. Not too close. Move so in a circle the whole round — keeping in sight the edge of the card. It’s like you’re setting up nets. As soon as you see someone who wants to slip between you and the edge-try to press the victim cutting the way as you did it in the corner. If you fail — keep moving or use split-attack.

Important Tips and Tricks

Never be afraid to make a double, triple or even quadruple split attack. This is one of the main rules for dominating the round. Who does not risk that does not splash champagne from a podium.

It’s my best moments in Cryptobubbles



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