Get Out Of Back Pain In 5 Easy Steps

Get Out

If you are in pain just get out of the pain. This may seem obvious and not easy to do but so many times I have seen people leaning into their pain and generally agravating it by not getting out of the habitual patterns that created it or at the very least they are not allowing it to resolve.

Who has time to take a break? To take care of their back? And/or be proactive in doing some “easy” exercises to prevent pain in the future? “Not I” says the busy body…

Of Back

What of it? How can you get out of the pain if you do not know the topography? To learn the surface anatomy of the back and a few layers beneath takes a little homework and some practice. Not the 3 exercises that you get at the physical therapist (those may be good but), we need the things that are learned by taking the time to be with our body and our back. We need to take the T.I.M.E. to listen to our body.


Pain is the object that interferes with our life. We think pain just appears out of nowhere but in fact things lead up to it even if it was just a sudden spasm from turning to put something in the dishwasher. Pain is what occupies the mind. We seldom focus on the things and circumstances that got us into pain or the the ways and things that can get us out of pain. We just focus on pain as if it were a dead end street. There is a way out but to get out we must go in.


Going into pain allows the back and body to unwind. In gets to the point. The point of focus that we are looking for is behind the pain, we must gently go through, around or past the pain to see the point behind it.

5 easy steps

This 5th and final step is to take five easy steps. Many times, especially when we are in pain, we walk over our selves, never sinking into the step, never connecting with the ground.

Start by standing with the feet together and wait. Keep waiting. Without being in a rush. For just one minute do not be in a rush. And just wait. For nothing in particular. Like waiting for the tea kettle to boil with no hurry, no worry and with an enjoyably unfocused mind.

After a while if you let time linger and not speed away things will begin to bubble up from the ground. Let your feet relax. Feel the bottoms of your feet spreading out and interfacing with the earth. Let the front shins and calves be tension free; balance on the foot bones and shin bones. Let the knees be relaxed with no tension as they translate the ground up towards the hip sockets. Now let the entire pelvis balance off the thigh bones from the swively balls in spacious hip sockets.

Balance happens when there is no excess tension.

Keep letting go of any unnecessary muscle tension and balance on the bones. From this point of resilient balance relax at the lumbar (the 5 lower back bones). As the pelvis balances off the thigh bones into the ground let the lumbar balance off the pelvis. As this balancing act continues shift all of your weight into one leg. Sink the weight into the bones of that leg with the least amount of tension possible. As all the weight shifts to one side release all tension from the free leg and take the first step. While you take the first step let the free leg slowly swing like a pendulum so that foot gently lands in front of the planted foot. Again, let the weight shift slowly and take the second step.

As you walk into the third step feel the difference between the supporting leg and the free leg.

On the fourth step sense how the spine aligns over the supporting leg, let there be swivel at the lumbar.

Slow, conscious walking lubricates the vertebrae of the lumbar allowing circulation of synovial fluid and cerebrospinal fluid (CSF), the ultimate healers and rejuvenators of the spine.

As you take the fifth step prepare to collect your feet and stand in place again. Reconnect with the sense of relaxed and balanced standing.