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8.15 광복절을 기념하여, 미스틱랜드에서는

역사를 잊지말자는 의미로 8.15 기념 쿠폰을 준비하였습니다.

쿠폰코드: KOREA815

기간: 2022.08.15~2022.08.22

보상: 미스틱골드 5000개

쿠폰은 미스틱랜드 -> 설정에서 사용할 수 있습니다.




All join and Enjoy

Hello Community!
Welcome to Mystic Land, the future of metaverse.

Join MysticLand and discover more at the metaverse world. Users can buy or establish their own houses in metaverse lands which they can explore in MysticLand and decorate them. Items can be produced using materials gained via missions performed while travelling around the lands or watching adverts. MysticLand is a decentralized metaverse platform where users can trade NFTs with each other.
Mystic Land intends to solve problems by building a clear decentralized open metaverse platform.
Through collaboration with various companies, we will provide experiences similar to the real world such as concerts, event venues, and nonface-to-face services and new and diverse user experiences by adding fun elements beyond the real world.

Catch up with MysticLand

Official Webpage: