How Timeline Could Make You A Completely Loser

This afternoon, things went good. Not all of them, but it’s okay. We just have to be a bestfriend with compromises, to compromised. Let’s say, you’re get home after work and have a good time for scrolling the timeline. So here things you gonna see on timeline when you decided to fill your perfectly good time with disaster:

#1. How your best friends express their new job so excitingly.

#2. Then apparently, one by one of your-not-very-close friends are uploading their first daughter and son’s pictures proudly.

#3. Suddenly, the stories about the graduation, birthday, marriage are scattered around the corner. Another special occasions are explained and that makes you sick and feel damn cold blue and starting to blame yourself why’d you waste so much time for something you called ‘a bloody process’.

#4. Sadly part is when you’re watching all of your inner circle are growing out little by little. Then you are realize that you are not-those-matter for them and you becoming a damn pathetically loner. And loser who lose anyone in your life.

So you got sick and close all the tabs. Back to real question of life: are you gonna stop here and blame yourself or moving forward and forget all of the troubles you’ve made?

But mostly, we take the second choices with overthinking at the night.