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Ayurveda and Naturopathy is an ancient science that has been used to treat people in Indian subcontinent seeking medical attention. Now-a-days when there is much more chaos in everyone’s life we need not only physical but mental relief to get freshened up. And Ayurveda can really help us with that. Now when we are talking about the topic, the 3 places that comes to my mind are India, Nepal and Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka has a perfect environment to give you a mental rejoice and excursion for hectic life schedule of the town. There are many places in Sri Lanka that are not only known for its scenic beauty and lush green forests but also for its Spa and Ayurvedic treatment centre. Let’s explore some of these places:

Ayurveda Shunyata Village

Situated in 65 km south of Colombo, Shunyata village is an exclusive resort approved by Srilankan department of Ayurveda and tourism. The village is known for its pristine environments and silent and peaceful beaches of Induruwa. The resort is counted in the list of bests in Sri Lanka when it comes to providing the ayurvedic wellness treatment which is supported by qualified and experienced specialists and therapists.

Price: 19360 LKR to 28970 LKR approx

Ulpotha Yoga Holidays

Also Known as paradise Village, Ulpotha offers tranquillity, beauty, greenery and a certain amount of simplicity that not every place provides in Sri Lanka. A 22 acre completely organic farm has been developed in the village which hosts much luxurious yet simple and peace-giving spa centres with very comfortable arrangements. The exclusive yoga classes are provided by highly skilled instructors along with the healing therapies that are provided by experienced professionals.

Price: 25655 LKR to 35633 LKR approx

Heritance Ayurveda Maha Gedara Beruwela

Located near the beaches of Beruwala, Heritance Ayurveda has a reputation of being a speciality hotel dedicated to providing the natural treatments to its guests with the aid of tranquil and peaceful environment. It aims to combat stress, provide relaxation, rejuvenation and experience the magical effect of ayurvedic treatment. The rooms are divided into all categories but the basic facilities and adornment remain providing a sophisticated and peaceful calmness within the room area. The hotel provides all kinds of amenities and facilities along with excellent scenic beauty that treats the eyes every time one sees outside.

Price: 52890 LKR to 100880 LKR approx

Ayurveda Paragon Resort

Named as one of the best health resort in South Asia, Paragon Ayurveda resort has been dedicatedly providing natural treatment and Ayurveda therapies with the help of established methods since 1996.

There are exclusive mind relaxing and soothing treatments, massages and treatments that are designed to bring in wellness, regain health and provide complete revitalization. All rooms are elegantly designed with earthy tones complimented with tropical colours.

Wish luscious greenery and cool sea breeze the rooms provide a true solace for every mind. The in-house restaurant prepares Ayurvedic specialities which are good for health in every way.

Siddhalepa Ayurveda Health Resort, Wadduwa

Siddhalepa Ayurveda Resort has situated the background of lush green mountains and magnificent beaches on the shorelines of Indian Ocean. It aims at providing wellness retreat and body refreshing treatments through traditional ayurvedic and naturopathy methods.

The eye soothing backdrop with dark green flora aids the luxurious bungalows provided here. There is a wide variety of food from Chinese and Indian to continental is available here. The local seafoods and organically produce vegetables are one in their own treatment material. There is exclusive Spa centre aided by the experienced team of therapists and doctors.

Price Range: 12000 LKR to 25700 LKR approx

Barberyn Beach Ayurveda resort, Weligama

At the southernmost tip of Sri Lanka, near the Weligama village, the exotic and unique Ayurveda resort and wellness retreat centre lies which aims to provide a complete rejuvenation to soul, body and mind through the aids of ancient ayurvedic processes, meditation and naturopathy techniques. The campus is spread out in 15 acres of land and you will find many medicinal herbs and trees in the flora of the campus. The resort has a fully dedicated squad of therapists, doctors, meditation gurus, physiotherapists and nutritionists. Even the local cuisine has been evolved to keep up with the nutrition value to be provided to the guest of the house.

Price: 34699 LKR to 53936 LKR approx

These are few most famous Ayurveda resorts and retreat centres in Sri Lanka. Now when you know about them, you must be planning to know more about the activities and how to avail benefit from above locations. Visit our website Mystique Journeys and we will help you through all your related queries.


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