Whatever gave you the idea that this writer — or anyone else — was “born with a gender"?

Gender from Merriam-Webster

:the state of being male or female

2. the behavioral, cultural, or psychological traits typically associated with one sex

When Ms. Escobar was born, I have no reasonable doubt that she had lady parts and has the same today. Not as though I care, personally, but in so far as it suggests that she was treated as a lady throughout her life. She self identifies on snapchat as “SamTheCatLady” (capitalizations, mine), and her earlier writings don’t seem to mention a lack of gender. So, it’s safe to assume she meets the dictionary definition of being born with a gender, to go along with her genitalia. Again, couldn’t care apart from an argument’s sake.

Assuming you object to Webster’s definition as antiquated or wholly lacking, I’d urge you to petition them for an updating. For now, you’ll forgive me if I go with the according to Hoyle definition.

For your second paragraph, I don’t know where those questions come into play. I don’t think you’re trying to make an ad hominem attack. That would focus on me and not on my argument, which is essentially that Ms. Escobar is delusional and that any expectations for others to engage in her delusion will ultimately fail and result in her disappointment. Assuming she genuinely holds this delusion and isn’t writing such an article for attention. Which is equally as likely.

But to satisfy you: No, I wouldn’t save time in the bathroom, I wouldn’t be better at flossing, I wouldn’t have better posture, I wouldn’t feel safer, I wouldn’t pee straighter — or whatever other hypothetical is completely separated from what I’ve actually argued. But that’s not the point of your paragraph. Maybe it’s projection?

I hope this helps clarify my points.