If you think that’s all that it takes in order to make your response appropriate, then that answers…
Mandy Perry

I appreciate your response, truly.

I fail to see the error of my logic in regards to my response. I’m sorry you choose to let words have such an affect on you, especially innocuous words like lady parts. This was ultimately my point to Ms. Escobar, being so concerned about words she couldn’t even hear will lead her to unhappiness, assuming she really is so concerned.

For the record, I’m totally cool with Dob Moyers — has a ring to it. Ditto to ‘she/her’ if someone chose to apply it to me. It would be odd, seeing as how I don’t possess lady bits so what could I possibly care? Meh. But then I don’t care what others choose to call me if I don’t agree with it myself, and it has no rational basis in reality. Others would do well to take the same approach.


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