Why I Am Christian and Pro-Choice
Charles Clymer

“It is an attack on them and their families, folks who have to make hard choices and should never be shamed for doing so.”

A couple of points I don’t think you understand, or understand so well you chose not to mention:

  1. The entire dispute about abortion is about where life begins. If you feel as though conception is the point when a life is made, then supporting the killing of it has to be off the table, ethically — as it is for the vast majority of Christians. At the very least, if it’s a required thing to do, then feeling shame is completely normal and expected as it’s an act done forlornly. That’s what shame is for — feeling bad about something we wish we hadn’t done, or had to do.
  2. There’s no contradiction between believing every life has a right to exist once created and then not supporting social programs enacted by the police power of the state to care for citizens, cradle to grave.

It’s logically consistent to have a belief that each person; has a right to life, is responsible for themselves, and yet still support a right to bear arms, the death penalty, and acts of military combat.

The belief is that you have a right to life, but you also have the right to discard your life via your own actions. Want to off yourself? Go nuts. Want to perform a home invasion or armed robbery? Do so with the expectation you may lose your life. Commit horrendous acts of premeditated murder? Expect that the state may put you to death. None of these are a violation of a belief in a right to life.

For the record, I’m not a Christian, but I understand the beliefs of my friends and family and can see their reasoning for not supporting abortion — and it is logically consistent despite your attempts to make it appear otherwise.

I helped a friend have an abortion once, in college, and it was a terrible experience. She needed financial and moral support and I came through with both. I can tell you that sitting in the waiting room and half-carrying her out of the clinic was soul crushing. She felt shame, and sorrow, and angst. As she should have despite all the desire not to. The act was horrendous and life changing. No one goes through that with high fives and smiley emojis.

The left loses most people when it seems to celebrate, or at the very least, play down, the decision to terminate a (potential?) life. Most people understand it as something regretful and done as an absolute last resort. The ubiquitous nature of birth control and education that exists today means that if one is responsible and uses even a modest amount of preparation in engaging in sex, then they’ll never have to face down the choice of whether or not to terminate a pregnancy.

Women are going to continue to feel shame regardless of how outspokenly people try to make it seem perfectly normal. Because women who have gone through with it know that it wasn’t normal, and that they didn’t have to do it, if they’d been more careful. And no, I’m not talking about incidents of rape, or life saving efforts, here. Regular run of the mill “oops.”

So I say, go ahead, have an abortion. I don’t care on an ethical level because I don’t think a fetus counts as a life up to three months. But to think that it doesn’t matter at all is either hubris or a purposeful deception.

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