Facts to counteract the normalization of neo-nazis
Flavia Dzodan

One of the reactions of a rise of identity politics is going to be some white people, somewhere, wondering why the hell they aren’t organizing around “white problems” the same way others are making hay of their own tortured existences. I don’t like any identity politics, so accept that to mean I don’t like “white focused” politics either — I think it’s losing the plot.

I think we’re better off not treating one another, first, based on our melanin, or gender, or sexual preference, and instead on the content of our character, and the value of our beliefs. Those that would degrade someone on the basis of their race alone, are truly stupid. Those that would advocate for their victimhood on the basis of their race alone, are also idiots — Spencer it would appear, may be no different.

Can’t we simply be people and stop all this racial animus? Because when you normalize calling whites racist who have never done anything racist in their lives, this is the kind of response you get. This is also how you wind up with Trump in the white house.

Nazis though? I think you have a stretch to say the least. I would need considerably more than you’ve provided here given that the vast majority of it is written from other’s perspectives of Spencer, and not from his own hand — those links that did return to articles he wrote didn’t come across as the slightest bit Nazi to me, but meh. The pejorative gets thrown around far and wide these days so much so that no one cares unless they’re goose-stepping down Pennsylvania Ave in full regalia, on their way to burn bibles. If you have a smoking gun, you’ve certainly buried it as it’s not easy to find — unless of course the headline alone is enough to get you aroused.

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