Oh look. A white man who loves capitalism.
Juta Stokes

Only the wealthiest 10%? Capitalism saved the world from the ravages of socialism and communism. No one’s riding on doors 90 miles to get TO Cuba. They only seem to do that going one direction.

Capitalism doesn’t have 100 million dead under its flag. Ask the dead in Russia, Red China, Latin America, Germany, Italy, Albania, Vietnam, etc… I wonder how many South Koreans are knocking down the DMZ to get into the North. None? How odd? Big celebration when they put up the Berlin wall? No? Wait, but there was when they tore it down? Didn’t all those free West Germans realize they’re being exploited?!?! By corporations?!!!

Capitalism gives you every creature comfort you enjoy now, and the greatest quality of life the globe has ever known. It even let’s you dye your hair crazy colors — good luck with that in Russia these days.

But, as someone who likely offers little value, and little incentive to work, socialism seems rad because you can get men with guns to take the product of another’s labor and give it to you. I see the appeal, in the most narrow of senses. But surely history has to tell you how that works out.