Capitalism Hates Fat People
Kiva Bay

“So why is this important? Too often I feel like socialist or otherwise anti-capitalist groups still lean too heavily on fat antagonism to make their points, and this, to me, is counter to the idea of being anti-capitalist. Capitalism has benefited from fat antagonism for years, and it’s important for us to recognize that and take the power out of it.”

I have no idea what this means. Maybe you want socialism so there won’t be food (oh, hello Venezuela) and then you wouldn’t have any choice but to be thin? I kid, I kid. But seriously…

Fat people and capitalism have nothing in common, with the exception that capitalism makes everything cheap and abundant. Maybe that’s your issue? If you reject the idea that fat people have issues with self control, then you could at least revel in the fact that the free market provides ALL KINDS of solutions to being overweight. Pills, surgery, therapy, groups, gyms, nutritionists, etc…

Maybe that’s the problem? Too many solutions so you can’t write it off the problem as untreatable? It’s not just “who you are” if you’re overweight in this country, it’s a series of choices you make — whether that’s harder or easier than the next person, makes no difference that you get there by choices. Justify it however you like.

But to address your issue of color differences between the midwest, and south — who cares? If you’re talking about farmers who work hard and consume tons of dairy, red meat and eggs, sure, people understand their fatness. Compare that to the image of southern states (Louisiana/Mississippi, Alabama) which typically rate among the poorest in the country, coupled with the most obese, and no discernable large scale industries, and yeah, people view them as a lot fatter and dumber. And national school rankings would point that there’s some credence to that image. But so what? This has what to do with capitalism? Nada.

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