“Last month, the doctor said my blood pressure was good, and that I had a healthier exercise…
Stephanie Clarkson

I have both Lipedema and Lymphedema. Its REAL. Here’s a couple of websites where you can do some research as well as purchase products for Lipedema/Lymphedema patients. 
This is a relatively “new” condition/disease. Your doctor may not be familiar with the treatment. You’ll need to see a certified PT who will teach you how to do Lymphatic massages to help stimulate your lymphatic system to release fluids. And if your insurance company can be persuaded, you may obtain a Lymphatic pump that is much more efficient than a manual massage.

The “cure” is Lipedema Liposuction done by a cosmetic surgeon who specializes in Lipedema/Lymphadema. Not every cosmetic surgeon is qualified to perform this surgery. You may have to do some digging to find the right doctor. Again-your insurance company will have to be ‘persuaded’ to pay for the surgery bc Liposuction is usually regarded as Cosmetic and not medically necessary.

I’ve also been the Fat person on the plane, the not-so Fat person and the Average weight person. Because I carry weight in my hips, behind and thighs, even as the Not -so Fat/Average weight person, I tend to ‘spill’ into my neighbor’s seat. Fortunately, my husband is on the tall/thin side and I try to sit closer to him so I’m not squashing the person on the other side of me. Or he will take the middle seat and give me the aisle. Unfortunately, his legs are longer and then he has no leg room.

I’m not sure if I ever got any dirty looks or heavy sighs or comments? I apologize ONE TIME for taking up their space. I give the other person the arm rest bc I have the other one; my husband will share with me. If I’m traveling with a friend and my mom, we normally will sit together so there’s no issues.

People -today-are very self-centered and believe they are the center of the universe. Fat Shaming is ‘fun’; in fact Anyone Different shaming are targets for Shaming. People need to get over themselves.

I urge you to try not to work so hard trying not to be you. Nobody needs to spend that much energy being a people pleaser. Life’s too short. You’re a Big, Beautiful person and the person huffing and puffing next to you can kiss your ass. Every single person pays for a seat (or two). Sit there proudly and as comfortably as possible. If they make comments, smile sweetly and reply, “Blame the airline” and read or whatever you do while flying. You can do this, Sister!! Be Strong!! ❤