On the 4th of July in 1970, the nonpartisan Honor America Day turned into a drugged-up protest
Matt Reimann

I was born in November of 1963 (I was 9 days old when JFK was shot). In all of the countless articles, documentaries, etc I have read about the 1960/1970’s I have NEVER read/watched anything about this event!! It was never talked about in elementary, Jr High or Senior High school (graduated in 1982) nor in college (graduated in 2001 !!)

I feel like I’ve been cheated somehow!

Seriously-its NEVER, EVER been mentioned anywhere. I was at the National Museum of American History-the floor that displays American history from the beginning up through the 20th Century. There was NO mention of this event happening AT ALL in that section!

We never got to see any of the other floors of the museum that day. This took up almost the entire day. There was a whole section devoted to the Viet Nam war including helicopters.

I guess this wasn’t iconic enough to be mentioned in the museum?