Set The VCR: Sunday Feb 11 2018 to Saturday Feb 17 2018

Sammy Younan

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#SetTheVCR for this upcoming week…recently a friend asked about my tv habits.

I Set The VCR every Sunday for the upcoming week; kinda stockpiling tv so I have options every night. Some weeks are better than others.
 I’m focusing on Premiere Dates: stuff that’s already rolling like Black Lightning you’re on your own…the VCR should already be set.

So for the week of Sunday February 11 2018 to Saturday February 17 2018 #SetTheVCR for:

Sunday February 11
 Homeland (9:00 pm) Showtime Networks
 Here and Now (9:00 pm) HBO

Monday February 12
 DC’s Legends of Tomorrow (8:00 pm) CW
 American Dad! (10:00 pm) TBS

Thursday February 15
 Stargate: Origins Stargate Command (web-series, yo…via Stargate SG-1)

Friday February 16
 Word is Bond (10:00 pm) Showtime Networks

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