Seven Staggering Facts About Solar Energy in India

Ever heard of solar energy? The radiant energy emitted by the sun is quietly improving the condition of our economy. The level of solar power in India has increased at a high pace, and it has led to a massive rise in the economy. Solar has reduced the level of pollution in India. It whooshes truckloads of benefits to the world and different facts. Here are the top-most facts about solar energy.

1. Gujarat is marked as the leader of solar power formation and renders 2/3rd of the 900 MW of photovoltaics in the nation. In 2007 India produced less than 1% energy as per the demand in all over the country.

2. The government has locked 35,000 square kilometre area for formulating solar power project which will produce power to the number of 700 to 2,100 GW.

3. India is expecting to introduce world’s biggest solar energy plant with 4000MWC of capacity in Sambhar Lake, Rajasthan.

4. The Shri Sai Baba Sansthan Trust Conceives the largest solar steam system. This system has saved 100,000 kg of cooking gas and deals with 50,000 meals per day. This thing has surged the growth of the economy positively.

5. The solar home lighting system has increased at a rapid pace and has resulted in a high rise of the budget. Over 1.2 million solar lighting systems and 3.2 million solar lanterns are disturbed among different regions of the country.

6. The cost of solar- generations has dropped from INR 18akWh to INR 7 akWh. India is ranked as number one market in Asia for solar off-grid products.

7. In September 2014, the grid connected solar power increased swiftly to 2677 MW. When it was discovered, it gave a sense of satisfaction among the group of society. The Indian government has also expanded the solar plans which have led to great fruition of India.

These solar energy facts conclude the high growth of solar energy in India which aids the economic growth and save the environment Troupes like MYSUN provides with the best information and helps in the enhancement of the country.