The Privileged White Breastfeeding Woman.
Elizabeth Grattan

Dear Angry White Woman,

I hear you. In understand and accept the privilege white skin has brought me. I understand and empathize with black women who face additional adversity in terms of breastfeeding due to their skin color. I recognize and appreciate BLACK Breastfeeding Week. I look forward to a future of black breastfeeding women reaching their goals.

I see that you have recognized white privilege, issues with being color blind, and the history of oppression. It seems you've forgotten something. Whitesplaining.

This entire outraged article is the epitome of Whitesplaining.

Black women are strong intelligent, capable human being who are more than capable of telling white women bitching about their 7 days tof shut the fuck up. Your article does not identify your privileged until the end, for readers who didn't make it to the end, you've just spoken for black women from a black woman. You took a week about black women and found a way to make yourself relevant.

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