Social Justice Bullies: The Authoritarianism of Millennial Social Justice
Aristo Orginos

I applaud this attempt — because I see what you’re trying to do. SJW’s can be cruel and toxic and that spoils their message ← that is basically what I read in your title. I wish you picked different examples and didn’t jump on the bandwagon of so many MRA messages, because you ruined your own message. If you were more subtle and clever in your wordcraft, you’d have done better. Instead, the pervasive anger came through like a clarion bell and unfortunately, spoiled any saliency. I do agree that the Millenial SJW tactic was less strident — but should we ask hippy boomers what it was like in the 60s? Were they strident? I should say so. Perhaps that’s just how it’s got to be to make things change…. and changing they are.

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