Meet Jai, Director, HowToTellYourChild

Mythili Gubbi
2 min readJul 26, 2017


Meet Jai — An entrepreneur who enables people to drift through mud roads on dirt bikes, finishes marathons, enjoys a good beer, reads voraciously, and bicycles to work. He has some unique stories to share and continues to expand his boundaries in different realms. “I sell period panties for a living. I have come a long way.”

He joined the How To Tell Your Child team less than a year ago and has watched it branch out and grow in many ways since. The project has diversified through initiatives on one-to-one and one-to-many scales, by instituting an online counselling service and giving away period panties at local schools.

Being involved with How To Tell Your Child was a no-brainer because of the importance of the platform. But his real inspiration is the passion that the team brings to the table to ensure that every child is safe and empowered to make a choice with their bodies.

One of the campaigns launched by How To Tell Your Child was #BoysTalk. It explored what boys think about periods to illustrate that it shouldn’t be spoken about in a hushed tone anymore. Jai believes period-talk can be made less of a taboo by making it “simple and easy.”

Period-talk doesn’t make him uncomfortable at all anymore. At the time that it did, it was more out of respect for privacy than embarrassment that he wouldn’t speak about periods.

“Understanding fertility cycles is important. It also helps men to be more understanding of women’s issues and support growing momentum for work benefits like period leaves and societal issues like tax on sanitary pads,” said Jai.

Even though he knows it is important for boys to be informed about periods, it isn’t an easy discussion to have; Jai couldn’t do it. His son is grown up and yet it is awkward to talk about periods. As a father, How To Tell Your Child’s content will make his tough conversations easy.

“It is awesome that it talks about sexual abuse without talking about sex,” he said, and that sets How To Tell Your Child apart from the rest. An idealist, he aspires to see How To Tell Your Child as “a platform of choice for every parent and teacher to have the all-important conversation on sexual abuse, puberty and what not.”

Thanks to the internet and social media, the How To Tell Your Child videos and books can easily reach thousands of families and make a difference. He feels that seeing an impact of that magnitude first-hand is fulfilling.

“How To Tell Your Child gives parents like me a platform that acts as an icebreaker while also giving us all the information and tools to make some awkward conversations easy,” said Jai.