past lives — 2010

So i wish i could say i have been doing a lot of stuff lately. But it isn’t all that bad. So what have i been upto u ask. Quit work, got hitched, moved continents, met some incredible people, jumped out of plane. But we will come to that later. Its been reassuring after the aweful few years i have had. Trying not to think of the occasional bursts of nostalgia and extreme longing for the city i have come to adore so much.
Diving to the part about moving continents. First impressions. Sitting in the flight i kept thinking it would the perfect december winter. Was looking forward to snow even.. Little did i know that things are little different in the southern hemisphere. I was going to experience the perfect summer day. It was bloody perfect day. It had the clearest blue skies, not a single cloud in sight. The most brilliant sunshine, and these people love to tan, so a lot of skin.
The city is planned to perfection. Although this continent is very new compared to where i come from, its cities seem to carry so much history. Trams, overwhelming architectures, statues of random people, towering churches, add the illusion that the city is atlest 200 years older than it already is.
The city in the day time looks like its in mourning.Its impossible to find a hint of color even.The men suited up and the women in sky high heels. I have moved to a land of supa-skinny women and no-good-looking men. Guess thats how god intended land down under to be, unfortunate. I just gawk at how fantastic the women look at all times. Dont judge me. If it was me, i would never come to this place to soothe my Insecurities.
Moving on. Picture this! A narrow cobblestoned alley, with atleast 30 tiny restaurants. All of them inviting crowds more than they can accomodate and people in a mad frenzy going back nd forth to the counters. Bunch of ppl by the butt-out bins smoking their ciggies with pride. Loud conversations, countless expressions on each of the thousand people that occupy these spaces by the subtle warmth of the heaters. pictures being taken, hot food being served, golden champagne carefully pored out, tables being cleared, goodbyes being hurled into noisy air. All this happening with a blink of the eye. I am at peace admist all this glorified chaos!
And suddenly, I see all the hours spent whiling away sundays sitting on a tiny stone bench, laughing hysterically for no apparent reason, banter, pictures flash in my mind. Back to reminiscing images from times that passed me by, Sigh!
In the nights, the city oozes so much oomph. Sitting by the ocean staring at the unknown, wanting to look beyond the horizons, many random thoughts blazing through your mind. Its incredible the kind of perspective Iget when im by the ocean or staring into the great skies, attempting to make conversations with the stars, this city at night has that effect on me.
After a year here i moved next to the waters. From here i can see the increible city skyline.Its a stunning display of lights and sounds.
Im writing this, my floors thumping with u2s altime greatest hits.. They sing about love lost, love found. about time, dreams, desires, and goosebumps take over.