She’s an M.D., obsessed with her man, has a knack for stories of crime and passion, and plays dress-up every now and then. There’s more. There’s a power woman vibe about her. She’s bold, wild, sweet talker, and looks sinfully hot. She exudes sheer unadultraded power; intimidation, passion, and confidence, with hints of psychoticism is her personality. Her con father, a slob brother, and a mom trying to fix them up probably led her to a little bit of dysfunctionality as well. To quote the greatest, Ricky Martin, Harleen Francess Quinn looks like a flower and stings like a bee.

He is unpredictable, to say the least and possibly a commitment phobe. He rattles cities with his unassuming charm, spins poetry in every conversation, and invokes his mastery to be able to change minds if he wanted to. He seems to think he’s an idea, and plays with minds, to hurt a soul.

They dive into a chemical bath, him following her and they are in love.

Harley Quinn in her killer pale face, a hot red lip with messy bed-head pig tails. She strides in her high heels, owns those fish net stockings, ombres in her hair, scars everywhere.

The Joker, face as pale as death, bloody lips, eyes that penetrate minds, metal on the teeth, hair like the goblins and tattoos everywhere.

Supply some Alessandro Bertolazzi magic, and voila! Harley Quinn and the Joker come to life, the perfect grunge punk couple. ‘To the immigrants’ he says when he met Oscar.

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